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Provid Films is a Minneapolis video production company helping businesses & non-profit organizations connect with their customers through compelling and handcrafted marketing videos. From preproduction to post production and distribution on Youtube, Provid Films brings stories to life. Check out our portfolio or give us a call at 612-208-8819.

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Global Impact

Life is too short not to follow your passions and time is to limited not to pursue your dreams. Here at Provid Films, we create films of all types ranging from training, events, fundraising, promotional, and testimonials etc. What excites us are the stories and visions of changing the world. Capturing and sharing the essence of your story so it can be shared and experienced around the world. If we can join together in telling stories that matter, we can change the world.


Production Process

Whether you are an experienced producer just looking for a film crew or a business owner that knows you need video but not sure what to do next, we are here to help/ From pre-production (planning), production (shooting), and post production (editing the footage), Provid Films provides guidance so you can rest at ease knowing we'll help you every step of the way.


Easy Script Process

The script for your film is the cornerstone of your film. Rest at ease knowing Provid Films can help you research and compose the perfect script. We use a mix of interviews, teleprompter, or a number of tricks to capture the storyline we're looking for. From personal to corporate, the process is easy and you are going to love your film.


Flexible Turnaround

Ranging from a typical 2 week turnaround time to same day edits, we have the video production services and flexibility to meet your needs. In a rush? Just let us know.

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